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責任編輯:耐酸堿橡膠接頭 耐高溫橡膠接頭 耐油橡膠接頭 發布時間:2020-03-31 13:10 瀏覽次數:
    Songjiang Group introduced a new type of rubber elbow: rubber elbow is composed of fabric reinforced rubber parts and flat joint, loose sleeve metal flange or threaded pipe flange. It is used for pipe vibration isolation and noise reduction, displacement compensation elbow, rubber flexibility and material is very good, high elasticity. It can effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise. The use of guaranteed, long-term quality assurance, perfect product quality testing and after-sales service. TS pressure pipe production license: TS number TS2731B90-2020

    The Rubber Elbow product launched by Songjiang Group is a new product specially developed by our company for pipeline system. It is mainly used in power plant pipelines, pumps, valves and chillers. It can fundamentally solve the problems of joint displacement, axial expansion and non-centrality of various pipelines, and can solve 100% of the problems of rubber joints. Flatten phenomenon.


    Songjiang Group is an entity manufacturer of rubber shock absorbers, metal hoses, spring shock absorbers and corrugated compensators. The outstanding military technical team has 30 years of production experience and many authoritative certificates to prove our strength. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company and cooperate. Thank you!
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